Flight Attendant Terminology

If you’re thinking of becoming a flight attendant then you may be brushing up on a second (or third) language in hopes that it gives you an edge when applying for a job or at least it should help when ordering a drink at a sunny layover! The truth is […]

Flight Attendant Lobby - Flight Attendant

Flight Attendant Salary 1

Let’s be blunt about this, Flight Attendants (at least in North America) don’t pursue this career for the lavish financial rewards. If you were hoping for a huge salary then you may have a rude awakening. That being said the Flight Attendant career can be one of the most rewarding […]

Flight Attendant Job Description

Flight attendants are the most visible member of the flight crew; therefore, most passengers aboard the aircraft associate them with the face of the company. Hence, it is a requirement that flight attendants act as ambassadors for the respective airlines and create remarkable experiences for all passengers. At first glance […]

Flight Attendant Lobby - Flight Attendant Job Description

flight attendant resume tips

Flight Attendant Resume Tips 1

The flight attendant industry is very competitive so having a great resume is very important to landing that interview. There are key areas that you should consider when trying to create a flight attendant resume. Here are some important things to consider:   A Flight Attendant Resume is Professional We’re […]

Flight Attendant Requirements 4

We have compiled the most important Flight Attendant Requirements so that you can really understand what you need to get a job. While these will vary slightly based on the airline you’re looking at these requirements should outline the basics for you in applying for a flight attendant job. There […]