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The flight attendant industry is very competitive so having a great resume is very important to landing that interview. There are key areas that you should consider when trying to create a flight attendant resume. Here are some important things to consider:


A Flight Attendant Resume is Professional

We’re talking from the format to the writing style. You want the reader to instantly get a sense that this is a serious application from a serious candidate. This is extremely important if you have limited aviation related experience and you want to highlight the relevance of the previous jobs you have had. Try and standout by ensuring that everything the airline could possibly want in a candidate is clearly outlined on the resume not by using fancy fonts or colors!

Legible and Focused

The unfortunate truth is that your resume will be skimmed and not read. Your future employer will receive hundreds of resumes for your position so if they have any sort of difficulty reading it they’ll stop. So it becomes increasingly important to make sure that you have made your resume very easy to read and you only include information that is truly useful to your cause. You will get more out of using short bullet points with targeted keywords then long drawn-out sentences that hide the important things that you’re trying to get across.

Another important aspect in keeping it focused is the classic and oh so relevant KISS concept, Keep It Simple Stupid! If your flight attendant resume is longer than 2 pages you’re doing it wrong. This hurts in two way. First there are way too many resumes to scan through to the 4th page, so they won’t. And all that extra fluff that you’re adding is only drowning the real qualifications you have that you need them to see.


Prioritize Your Info

flight attendant resume tipsIf you haven’t caught on yet you have very little time in the resume world to make your impression on the reader so make sure the most important features are near the top. Be sure that all relevant work history is near the top. Anything service oriented is very important to highlight as you show you’ve dealt with customers and won’t be uncomfortable in the Flight Attendant – Client scenario.

Be sure to highlight any additional languages that you can speak as this is a major advantage in the flight attendant career. There may be specific job postings that look for flight attendants who speak specific languages but even if it isn’t requested be sure to highlight any additional languages you know.

If you feel your resume is getting long then consider removing the “Objective” section of your flight attendant resume. We all know what your real objective is and it is more fluff then real content that will help differentiate you from the crowd.

Know the Position You’re Applying For

Basically you need to avoid the generic one size fits all resume approach. Each time you submit your resume to a job it should be tailored to the points highlighted in the job posting. If you want to create a generic resume that you can customize when you need it make sure you target general Flight Attendant Requirements. This becomes especially important when submitting resumes to other parts of the world. For example some job postings request full length pictures while others do not. Only attach a photograph when it is explicitly requested in the job posting.

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  • erienne Shawn

    Well written. I will keep this in mind for any type of resume I write, regardless of what job. These are great tips.