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A First Class investment in your flight attendant career!

There is a classic catch 22 when trying to get a flight attendant job. It’s the usual “I can’t get a job because I don’t have experience, but I can’t get experience because I don’t have a job”. Attending a flight attendant school is a quick way out of that trap and into the flight attendant industry! When looking for a flight attendant training school there are a number of key areas that you want to consider. From the reputation of the school and the industry connections that they have to the training facility and hotel accommodations the Airline Academy scores top marks on all fronts. Visit them here or read more for details. As we discussed in our Flight Attendant Training blog post attending a flight attendant training school is a great way to dramatically increase your chances of landing this dream career.

Let’s go through a couple of the key elements that set the Airline Academy apart.

Who is the Airline Academy?

This flight attendant training school was established in 1972 and has become the predominant school for training interested candidates in all of the key areas of the flight attendant career. They are located at the Daytona Beach International Airport in beautiful Florida (added BONUS!) and their instructors all have extensive
industry experience to ensure you get the most out of your time.

The Airline Academy is the only school in the country that is solely focused on flight attendant training and conducts their training in an actual airport. The Airline Academy contracts their hands on flight attendant training through a FAA Certified 121 air carrier, JetBlue University.  Basically you are guaranteed that you are getting the training every airline is required to give their flight attendants. Best part of all is that Airline Academy is connected to numerous HR personnel at most airlines so you’re virtually guaranteed an interview!

What does Airline Academy offer?

There are 2 flight attendant programs that this flight attendant school offers:

Flight Attendant and Customer Service Program (5 weeks long)

This program is broken into 3 parts with the first being a distance learning component where you go through 12 different modules using their online components
from your own home. Great thing about this is you can get started as soon as you sign up!

Once you’ve got far enough through these modules that introduce you to some of the key areas of the flight attendant career you’ll sign up for phase 2 of the program which is 4 weeks of hands on training at their training facility. You get to stay at the Homewood Suites by Hilton and finally put all of that theory into practice. Here you cover concepts on how an airport operates, the ticket reservation system as well as start to prepare yourself for a job by preparing your flight attendant resume and cover application skills.

The last week of the course you head to the JetBlue University in Orlando where you get to do all the live drills like deploying emergency exits, slide jumps, CPR training, enter a flight simulator and more. This is the most hands on portion of the training and good thing because as you finish this component the Airline Academy helps you prepare for Interview Day. Using all of the flight attendant schools industry connections they will get you set up with actual airline interviews where your chances for success go through the roof. These airlines come to the Airline Academy because they know the quality of the graduates that come out of the school so it’s easier for them to hire someone who has just done all this extensive training versus a random resume that they receive online.

Accelerated Flight Attendant Program (1 week long)

If you’re looking to benefit from flight attendant training but can’t commit to 5 weeks away and want to reduce the cost of your investment then this accelerated program may be the way to go. It starts with the same online distance learning component that you do from home but then heads straight to the JetBlue University training facility where you would receive the same last week of training as the 5 week-long course. If you have some knowledge of the airline industry and some customer service experience this course would be the perfect fit to ensure you have the most desirable experience to an airline. All at a reduced commitment.

Airline Academy Training Facility

The life of a flight attendant revolves around airports and airplanes so it’s only fitting that the Airline Academy’s facilities do the same. They’re located in the Daytona
Beach International Airport. They have their own check in counter where they conduct customer service training while their classroom is in the main terminal of the airport. Airline Academy has an agreement with JetBlue University where their students use this state of the art facility to train and prepare for a future career in the airline industry. This is the only way to get this type of experience without actually having worked as a flight attendant.

Airline Academy Results

Obviously there is a cost to attending a flight attendant school but the benefit to this type of training is in the numbers. For example

  • 96% of students complete the residents training
  • 61% of students are hired even before they graduate!
  • 86% confirmed placement rating within 2 months of graduation

The numbers speak for themselves. In an industry where you have very little chance of actually getting picked for an interview then have to fight off numerous other candidates for an invitation to their training program these numbers are amazing.

We strongly recommend that if you are serious about becoming a flight attendant and want a way to improve your chances of getting your dream job all while adding valuable training and experience to your resume you have to give Airline Academy a call. Visit them here or feel free to contact us for more details around our independent review.

Please note that we have received compensation for our efforts in reviewing this business but the words and views are entirely ours.

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