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If you are looking at becoming a flight attendant and you have limited experience you’ve probably thought about flight attendant training. The internet is full of opinions about whether or not you need flight attendant training or not. But could it help in ways you’ve never considered? In order to help you become a flight attendant we thought we would look at both sides of the argument so you can make a proper decision.

Is Flight Attendant Training Required?

Yes and no. All flight attendants are trained by their airline prior to working in the skies but as a requirement to getting hired for a flight attendant job you do not have to have completed flight attendant training before hand. If you read some of the job board forums you will see people advising you absolutely against doing any flight attendant training because once you get hired the airline will pay for this. But are they missing a key point?

Why Take Flight Attendant Training?

flight attendant training, flight attendant school, cprThere are 2 basic reasons to take flight attendant training with the most obvious one being to get familiar with the skills required for the job. A training school like the Airline Academy (click here for our review on this school) in Florida focuses on teaching everything from safety and evacuation procedures to customer service and how to create a flight attendant resume. This would be great for people that have never worked in the airline industry and would feel more comfortable getting formal training before entering the workplace. Obviously there is a cost to this service but is there another way that it could be justified.

We’ve all heard how difficult it is to actually get hired on by an airline as a flight attendant. According to this article Delta received 22,000 job applications for 300 positions (implying a success rate of 1.4%) and that an Atlanta-based carrier received 100,000 applications for 1,000 jobs (a success rate of 1%). When receiving this many applicants I think it’s fair to say that airlines need basic ways to weed out candidates. One of those is clearly work experience and training.

flight attendant lobby, flight attendant training, schoolIn our review of a prominent flight attendant training school we found that due to the connections that these companies have and the fact that they host an interview day where a number of HR representatives from different airlines attend up to 86% of graduates were hired to an airline with 2 months of graduation!

Let that sink in for a second 1% success versus 86% success rate. If you are serious about becoming a flight attendant and haven’t had success in getting an interview much less a job then flight attendant training is something you should give serious thought.

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