Flight Attendant Career

Congratulations on starting your search for a career as a flight attendant! This is one of the most exciting and alluring positions available but it doesn’t go without its challenges. Doing proper research and understanding what it takes to be successful in obtaining an interview, and then a job, is key.

A flight attendant is a key member in the aviation industry and of high importance to everyone aboard an aircraft as their primary duty is to ensure passenger safety at all times. Depending on where in the world you are looking to apply you may see flight attendant jobs referred to as cabin crew, cabin attendants and the antiquated term of stewards / stewardesses.

Most are employed on commercial airlines that travel either regionally, internationally or on intercontinental routes. There are also positions, typically for experienced flight attendants, on private airlines where the number of passengers is significantly lower.



Flight Attendant Job Details

Each airline has their own requirements with regards to flight attendant requirements and we’ve compiled these along with historical information of each airline and the location of their bases in our flight attendant directory which you can access by selecting the flag of the country you’re interested in above.

If you are looking for a more general understanding of what it takes to become a flight attendant then have a read through our summary of flight attendant requirements to know exactly what you need to get your dream job.

Flight Attendant Job Description

The job description for a flight attendant will vary in scope depending on the route being traveled (regional, international or intercontinental) and the number of passengers aboard the aircraft. In fact the requirements in terms of number of required flight attendants per flight and their subsequent duties can vary depending on the country you are apply in.

Typically; however, the job entails:

  • Maintaining passenger safety and security
  • Address passenger comfort
  • Take charge during emergency situations
  • Take care of necessary administrative requirements

Obviously each of these points has numerous duties within it. For more information, visit the Flight Attendant Job Description page.

Flight Attendant Career

The world is becoming ever more connected as airlines continue to add routes and increase the ease to travel abroad. This means that the demand for flight attendants will remain high.

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